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Why I love what I do . . .
Landscaping is more than "greenside up" or "mowin' the grass." Landscaping is inspiration. Collaboration. Community, the joy of a waterfall stream trickling, the crash of water from a water feature, the joy of a birdbath fountain and fluttering blue jays. Living your best outdoor life and sharing it with neighbors and family. Helping you envision your backyard in a whole new ray of sunlight is the best part of my job. Seeing you smile when your mud patch becomes traffic-stopping-ly beautiful is what makes me tick!

Christy Webber Landscapes is a company of people that share my enthusiasm and work hard to meet, or even exceed, your expectations. Based in Chicago for 20 years, our team channels experience and passion to provide detailed, high quality landscape construction and landscape maintenance services.

Together we are honored to be a part of your piece of the earth.

Christy Webber Landscapes Farm & Garden Center

Don't Dry Out!

While most grasses and shrubs can deal with limited precipitation, even the most hearty will succumb to browning and loss of leaves during extreme heat and draught.

A good soak in the morning will keep your yard and garden thriving.


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