H2o Water Watch

WaterWatch water-saving garden sprayers were the result of years of design, engineering, and water conservation testing. WaterWatch™ garden sprayers were the most intelligent water conservation products ever, and the most simple to use! They were sold at https://www.outdoor-garden-fountains.com

The WaterWatch fan sprayer was the perfect low-cost garden sprayer providing both flow control and water metering capability. The WaterWatch 8-Pattern Sprayer was made of impact-resistant, high technology compounds and features a built-in water meter.

Outdoor Garden Fountains: The history, variety of styles, and helpful tips
Typical outdoor garden fountains today will come complete: Water fountain, photovoltaic panel (if solar), battery pack, water pump, power cable, possibly an LED light. The sophisticated faux stone materials and the effortless style of today's fountains, like those available at garden-fountains. read more
Landscaping with Water Features
You can include a water function into your garden or backyard, no matter the size of your space. A garden pond can have lotus-like water lilies drifting on the top or thrill with lively and friendly koi fish. read more
Northwest Home, Fountain, and Garden Show
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Gardening Hints and Tips
Is gardening your passion? Are you a gardening enthusiast? read more

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