Indoor Fountain Lighting

Many of our indoor water fountains contain a lighting feature that highlights water flowing over beautiful natural surfaces.Fountain foto Like all electrical lighting, these bulbs can burn out from time to time. They can be easily found at home improvement stores. The following light bulb specifications may also be found in your indoor fountain instructions.

Suggested Sizes

For Underwater Lights: Use a 10 watt, 12 volt halogen bulb (JC Type) S3459.
For Standard Lights: Depending on fountain model, use either a 75 watt flood bulb or a 25 watt reflector bulb.

Safety First

Be sure to unplug your fountain when changing your light bulb! Always exercise caution when working with electricity and water. If a standard bulb burns out or shatters frequently, it may be caused by the cool water splashing onto the bulb while it is hot. Make sure to set up the fountain so that the water flows evenly, minimize the occurrence of splashing. You may also want to adjust the light hood so that water cannot reach the bulb. Also be sure not to touch halogen bulbs directly on the glass, as oils from your skin can weaken the glass and cause it to shatter more easily.Lighting icon If the light bulbs on your wall fountain continue to burn out frequently, try replacing them with lower wattage bulbs. For example, in place of a 75 watt bulb, use a 50 watt bulb.

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