Outdoor Wall Fountains

In the traditional grand homes of history, the entrance was often graced with a large fountain serving as a welcoming feature. The contemporary variation might be considered the outdoor wall fountains at your entranceway or greeting guests on your patio or deck.Wall image Re-create the classic themes with the lion's head or cherub fountains or add architectural elements in the style of your favorite era.

Garden wall fountains can be mounted anywhere you have strong, stable support including the outdoor walls of your home or on fences. Mount a fountain on the outdoor wall of a garage or storage shed in your yard and place plantings and a trellis screen to enclose the area for your own 'Secret Garden'!

Outdoor fountains are ideal for creating an instant sanctuary on a small deck or balcony. Taking up no floor space, they become a focal point of your decor while providing calming tranquility. A fountain placed just outside a door or window can also serve as a buffer to block out the noise of a busy neighborhood. Most outdoor wall fountains are also suitable for placing indoors.

Copper Wall Fountain

The copper that gives this fountain its elegant shape amplifies the relaxing patter of running water. Water flows from the brass spigot into the small basin before splashing into the primary basin below.

Trickle Frame Wall Water Fountain

The Trickle Frame Wall Fountain features metal vines supporting four pouring ceramic pots nestled in a classic arched frame. A hand-applied verdigris finish gives the fountain a delicate aged look. This unique wall fountain will add the soothing sounds of splashing water to any home, garden or patio setting.

Shell Wall Water Fountain

Artistically designed, this classic outdoor wall fountain is a charming and graceful addition to your outdoor decor. Its marble dust and resin acrylic material ensure it will last for years.

Magnolia Wall Fountain

This timeless and unique look for fountains has become a classic over the years. Magnolias are in full bloom as the water trickles off the back wall of this fountain, down the petals of a flower, into the waiting pool below. Beautifully detailed and uniquely designed this fountain will transform any wall into a focal point of conversation. Available in seven distinctive and unique finishes.

Wall description

Seahorse Wall Fountain

This unique fountain brings the refreshing sound of running water to your outdoor living space. Made of fiberglass and resin with a verdigris bronze finish.

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