Tabletop Fountains for home or office

Imagine your pleasure listening and watching the movement of water in a tabletop fountain in your living room, bedroom or home office.Tabletop sample The benefits of having moving water in your surroundings range from enhanced relaxation and meditation to filtering obtrusive background noises. The benefits of water features indoors have been applied for centuries in the creation of fountains in courtyards and grand entranceways. With new designs and production techniques creating fountains for tables or counters in practical sizes for contemporary interiors, everyone can enjoy the benefits of flowing water.

Cascading water brings a sense of tranquility as it engages the senses of sight sound and even smell when a fragrant candle is included in the design. Moving water is said to improve indoor air quality by cleansing the air of dust particles and releasing negative ions to purify the air. Tabletop fountains will also act as a natural humidifier.

A Style of Tabletop Fountain for Every Interior Decor

Tabletop fountains use all kinds of natural materials such as copper, slate, stones, glass, ceramic, stainless steel, and more. Designers and artists are creating indoor fountains that really deserve to be called works of art. The eastern and Mediterranean influence in the designs and materials of water fountains has a strong connection to the popularity of the eastern philosophy of health and wellness.

Create a beautiful focal point in a room with a fountain made from natural materials such as bamboo, slate, stone ~ a little bit of nature in your room. Feng shui proponents suggest water fountains are an ideal way to bring the water element into your environment.

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