Types and Sizes of Fountains

In deciding where your home or office might need the benefits of an indoor water fountain and how much space you can allocate for your new water feature, you are now ready to explore what types and sizes of fountains might best meet your needs.Sizes figure Water fountains come in three main varieties: wall fountains, floor fountains, and tabletop fountains.

Wall fountains

.....are excellent for all sorts of spaces. Mounted on the wall and often featuring a contemporary look with metal and slate or other stone, indoor wall fountains will arguably have the greatest impact. They come in panels of varying sizes; customers may choose one, two, or three-paneled fountains or work with us to create a custom fountain that will perfectly fit your needs! Wall fountains come in both vertical and horizontal styles; you will want to choose a style that best fits the space in your home or office. A room with high cathedral ceilings, for example, would best display a vertical wall fountain, while a long hallway with a low ceiling would be best for a horizontal fountain. Wall fountains also come in smaller dimensions, which make them perfect for entryways and smaller dwellings or offices. Choosing the wrong shape for your wall might make the fountain look awkward or less impressive than it should be. We can help you find a wall fountain that will complement your space, no matter how large or small. In sizing your fountain, however, make sure to take careful measurements as you determine what dimension of a wall fountain would work best.Sizes figure Consider tracing the fountain's parameters on a large piece of cardboard and hanging it on your wall – or putting thumbtacks or post-it notes where the fountain's four corners would be -- to truly absorb the impact the fountain will have, and to make sure that you have chosen the right dimension.

Floor fountains

......are best for spaces where portability is an important issue – one of their great advantages is that they may be moved from space to space depending on your needs and desires, yet they still make the impact of a larger fountain. They do not need to be installed or hung, often requiring only minimal assembly. Floor fountains often come in beautiful, naturally-inspired materials such as copper and glass, to complement your décor. While floor fountains often do not take up more vertical space or horizontal space than wall fountains, they can be somewhat greater in-depth due to the size of their base, which will rest on the floor. Floor fountains may work best in corners, as room dividers, or in other spaces where traffic patterns are not especially heavy.

Tabletop fountains

.....are excellent for spaces in which just a touch of flowing water is needed to make a difference. Transform a workplace or home office with a tabletop fountain to add a sense of calm. Tabletop fountains can enhance almost any room, including living rooms, bathrooms, offices, and bedrooms. The main consideration you will want to take note of when choosing your tabletop fountain is the diameter of the fountain base: be sure to pick a fountain that is the right size for your table or desk, and that the table or desk is substantial enough to support its weight.

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