Classic Garden Fountains

Timeless Design, Traditional Beauty.

No garden or yard is complete without a fountain. The visuals and sounds of running water have been the soundtrack of civilization since the dawn of time.

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Cast Stone Fountains

The Grandeur of an Estate Fountain.

Cast Stone, a highly refined type of concrete, is ideal for outdoor garden fountains, as it is strong, durable, and resembles original, classic stone fountains.

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Wall Mounted Fountains

Lightweight. Easy to Handle. Economical.

Great for small spaces, decks, and patios. Self-contained, requires no plumbing or installation. Simply place on a sturdy hook or nail, fill with water and enjoy.

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Simple Pleasures: Outdoor Wall Fountains

Garden and wall fountains add essential elements to your living areas, whether it's for an expansive backyard, cozy patio, or apartment balcony. Fountains satisfy the senses of sight and sound. The comforting sounds of water in combination with their ascetically pleasing form enhances the decor of any area. We have assembled a collection of high quality, low maintenance wall units for you.

Care and Maintenance of Fiberglass Wall Fountains

Our models, made from fully bonded fiberglass, are virtually maintenance free. An occasional wiping with a cloth to clear any accumulated dirt or dust will keep the finish clean. Changing the water, and wiping out anything that may have collected in the reservoir is recommended as needed, depending on your garden. But that's it! No chemicals, additives or special tools are required. These fountains are engineered for maximum pleasure and minimum fuss!

Wall Mounted Fountains

In many design applications, Wall Fountains are a popular design choice for gardens large and small. They offer all the benefits of having a well designed and elegant fountain, but without consuming square footage in the backyard or garden. When placed on an opposite wall or mounting, wall fountains make a striking centerpiece or accent. Visitors and neighbors are sure to notice!. You can purchase one of these dramatic Wall Fountains, with a weathered stone appearance, or made with real sandstone, in our online store.

* Wall Fountains Made from layered Fiberglass
* Lightweight, yet Strong and Durable
* Wall Fountains Come Complete with U.L. pump
* Plugs into any standard outlet
* Classic Weathered Stone Finish or new, unique Sandstone Finish
* Wall Fountains are all we sell. Outdoor Fountains, Garden Fountains, and Water Fountains.

Fiberglass offers many advantges over other materials. It's light, yet strong, and the fully bonded finish offers an authentic, weathered stone finish or true sandstone finish at a fraction of the cost. For wall fountains of cast stone, copper, or other materials, see wall fountains from

Using Wall Fountains

Mounting your new wall fountain is a breeze. Simply choose your fence, wall, or the side of your house. You can use a screw, or a nail, or mounting hook. Total weight, filled with water, will be less than 25 pounds for weathered stone models and 30 - 45 pounds for sandstone models. Any mounting hardware for a large painting or other wall art will do. The pump also has a variable speed control. You can adjust the flow of water, which changes the sound of trickling water to your taste. The pump is designed for continuous, long-term, low-maintenance use.
Wall Fountains also make a great gift!