Capture the tranquil sound and beauty of moving water

Water fountains

Capture the tranquil sound and beauty of moving water

• The sound of water distracts from environmental noise

• Calming and relaxing effect, enhance relaxation or meditation

• Acts as a room humidifier

• Negative ions produced by moving water help to purify air

• Bring the beauty of nature to indoor/outdoor decor

Water fountains have a long history as features of home interiors and garden landscapes—since ancient times the sound created by moving or flowing water has been known to have great soothing and healing power. The pleasant trickling of water helps block background noise and enhances tranquility and peacefulness. The beautiful designs of today's water fountains made from stone, slate, bamboo, copper, iron and clay fountains create a calming experience to help balance our hectic busy lives while adding beautiful decor to our homes and businesses.

Fountains recreation

In the Garden

Historically, water features have been popular in the grand entrances or picturesque garden settings of large homes and estates. Now you can enjoy the pleasure of a fountain in your own garden landscape with small tabletop styles, or a wall-mounted style on your patio or balcony, or a free-standing style in any area of your home or garden landscape. If you are lucky enough to have a pond or water feature in your yard you can add a water fountain powered by solar energy. Fountains image You will find outdoor fountains in every style to suit your home landscaping, from romantic classical to modern, contemporary—and everything in-between. New materials used in the production of home and garden fountains means added durability, more options for placement because of lighter weights and often more economical cost.

Add the Art of Water Fountains to Any Room

Tabletop or wall fountains for home and office decor have surged in popularity over recent years. Water figure This demand has encouraged designers to produce a huge variety of indoor fountains in all sizes and styles to suit most interior decor. From intriguing Zen water fountains for a table, to the amazing walls of cascading water in a wall waterfall, you can experience the calming and reflective pleasure of water in any room of your home.